About Gray Ice Higdon, PLLC.

Client focused approach to legal representation

We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of horse and bourbon country.  Our attorneys include a large number of home-grown talent, and utilizes that talent to meet the demands of our client’s commercial environment. We care about your business.

Our attorneys obtain and preserve rights nationally and internationally, frequently expanding portfolios across the globe. We are involved in litigation in federal and state courts, not only in local matters but across the U.S. Our commercial attorneys represent business interests from California to Maine. Our local footprint represents global reach.

Gray Ice Higdon has clients which include multinational corporations, franchising partners, entrepreneurs and local small businesses. We handle a broad and diverse range of business interests, not only in technical scope but also geographically. We can match our expertise with your needs.


We take the time to understand the technology and commercial objectives in each representation. The client experience at Gray Ice Higdon centers on one thing, achieving the desired goals and creating commercial opportunities in an efficient and meaningful manner.

Gray Ice Higdon, we are your business partner.

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