Gray Ice Higdon Wins Again!

Fresh off the heels of a large verdict in a patent infringement jury trial in Chicago in December, Robert Theuerkauf led the Gray Ice litigation team to another big win. Representing MHL Custom, Inc, a US company in Puerto Rico, Theuerkauf led a trial team including Dennis Murrell, Brian McGraw and Melissa Rennirt to a complete victory on all claims in another patent infringement trial, this time in Delaware. After a six day jury trial, the jury found for our client on all claims and awarded our client damages of $1,334,000 in past due royalties and a significant ongoing royalty. More importantly, the jury rejected the defendants’ attempt to invalidate our client’s patents. The entire litigation team supported the effort, especially Megan Gibson. Our client developed the market for eFoils, self-propelled hydrofoil surfboards which can ride above the waters ( The case is MHL Custom, Inc. v. Waydoo USA, Inc., et al, C.A. No. 21-91-RGA in the United States District Court in Delaware.

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